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JCL Makeup Artistry
Rouchelle Battad Makeup Artistry
D' Makeup Artist
Makeup by Sandy Bugay
Sam Llonora Makeup Pro
Gabrielle Oco Makeup Artistry
Anna Limson Makeup Artistry
Xyrille Yves Zaide Hair & Makeup
Faces by Lynette
Ivee Madamba Makeup Artistry
April Ibanez Makeup Artistry
Realm Hair & Makeup
Hikaru Aquino Makeup Artistry
Makeup by Jaime
Chen Montealto Makeup Artistry




    I would like to be part of your listings of Event Hosts and Hair and Makeup Artists.

    I have been doing event hosting since 2000s – present and Hair and MakeUp Professionally since 2010 – present.

    May I send your my profile thru email?

    You may reach me thru 09175338472 as well.

    Hope to hear from you.

    Thank you so much ! 🙂

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