Wedding & Events Vendors

* Recommended Light & Sounds, Flowers, Event Styling & Decors


Florist, Flower Supplier, Styling & Decor

SGC Events Management

Styled Up Events (Events Styling)  

Eye Candy Manila Event Styling Co.

Moki Gray Designs 

Loi Floral Sense by Serge Igonia


Lights & Sounds

JS Mina Soundsystem Rental

Trinity PRO Lights and Sounds

EQS Lights & Sounds  

SAPS AUDIO Network Lights and Sound  

CSM Lights and Sounds


Disclaimer: Before investing any money, always practice doing research . Learn more about the background of the salesperson and the company. Check the social media pages, networks/friends, reviews online, comment sections, ratings and even shared posts. Do not pay anything unless you meet them personally, visited their offices, or made a thorough a research about them.

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