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Wedding Dresses for Filipina Brides

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The bride is the center of attention in every wedding. She is, after all, the reason for the event. Everyone first notices the beautiful woman elegantly dressed in white, walking down the aisle towards the altar. It’s a good thing that Filipinas embody a natural figure that complements most types of gowns. If you’re not sure which style to pick, here are the top wedding dresses to suit the modern Filipina bride.


Photo Credits to: Marky Image Studio

Ball Gown

Commonly worn by princesses, this type of gown screams grandeur and power in all its thread. The skirts are widened out with layers of fabric until it fully expands, giving emphasis to the waist of the bride.

Suits best to: This style is best for women who are tall, slim and possess boyish features.

Not good for: Brides who are short. The gown would overwhelm the bride with its many layers of thread and the dress would look dragging when worn by someone who is small in stature.


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Perfect for full-figured women, the Mermaid dress shows off your curves effortlessly as the fabric follows the silhouette of the body until it flares out just below the knee. This body-hugging style is both feminine and sleek.

Suits best to: Hourglass figures deserve to be strutted. This is the perfect gown for brides with a full chest and voluptuous bottom.

Not good for: This might not be the best type of gown for brides who are not fond of tight-fitting gowns. Also, the dress does not flatter brides with boyish features.


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Neat and minimalist, the shape of gowns inspired by the Column-style reflects the body’s natural line. It gives the illusion of an elongated body, with its end cut straight until the ankle.

Suits best to: This style is most suitable for women with a slim and balanced body shape. It is also ideal for petite girls as it lengthens the perceived height.

Not good for: Brides with a round bottom are not the best candidate to wear this type of dress.

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The A-line is the most favored type of dress among the others. Having a fitted top and a slightly flared out bottom flowing naturally to the floor. It is called A-line because the garment’s overall shape is like an “A”.

Suits best to: All body types.

Not good for: Brides who want to accentuate their curvaceousness.



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