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Planning a Wedding? Here’s what you need to learn first.


Every wedding holds a promise of a beautiful day. However, the path you’ll walk on in preparation for your big ceremony isn’t going to be a smooth one. When the hype from the engagement wears off, the reality of wedding planning kicks in.


Here are few things you should determine before you call help from the experts!


1. Know your timeline.

Give it a week or two and everyone will start asking for your wedding date. However, it is completely understandable that most couples would have no exact date in mind for the occasion just yet. There are many factors to consider before finally deciding an official date for your ceremony so simply give a range of dates you’d envision the event to happen. After all, everything in your plan will align to your scheduled event date. It’s always better to tell your relatives and friends the dates in advance, so they may already block their calendars and avoid conflicting commitments.



2. Picture a theme and venue.

Close your eyes and dream of walking down the aisle in your white gown. What do you see? Talk it over with your husband-to-be and harmonize all the ideas to create a unified theme. Figure out the style and concept you want to pull off for your event. This is also where you’ll base all the elements moving forward.


3. Work on your budget.

Create a pool of your resources and have an estimate of how much you are willing to shell out for your big day. Will the parents from both sides contribute to the funding? Your budget directly affects your liberty to explore your options.



4. Build your guest list.

The number of your guests will be influenced by your budget. Carefully select the ones you want to be present at the event. Prioritize your immediate families and don’t forget to include the people who will play a big role in the ceremony. Remember, the more guests you have, the bigger venue you’ll need and the higher budget you have to prepare for catering and giveaways.



5. Dress up your entourage.

Start searching for design ideas for the attire of the parents, principal sponsors, secondary sponsors, bridesmaids, and groomsmen. These are the key persons who are also part of the program flow of the ceremony so make sure that these people are easily identified among the other guests.

It always feels like pressure when you do all these planning on your own. Consider getting a professional help to ease yourself of the burden. This should be your big day after all!


By: Digital Events Team


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