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Top 5 Questions Brides-to-be Ask When Looking for Suppliers!

Every bride-to-be is a visionary. Whether it’s a garden wedding with a rustic theme, or a church wedding covered in gold and pink hues, the bride is the master planner of the event. However, not all brides-to-be can pull off a D.I.Y. wedding. Admit it or not, it’s always best to leave the dirty job to the experts.  


Even though information is easily accessible through the internet, it gives more reason for brides to be meticulous. Remember, not all suppliers are worth the investment. Let’s take a closer look at the top 5 questions brides-to-be ask themselves when looking for suppliers!




      1.  Does the quality of your works match the client’s style?

The quality of your works is the face of your business. It is only not an extension of you but of your clients as well. Always ensure that your outputs are excellent.


     2. Does their service go within their budget?

Every major decision is dependent on the budget constraint of the bride and the groom. If a service is far from the expected budget, there is a little chance that the clients would book you.



   3. Do people regard you as a trustworthy supplier?

Reviews are a powerful tool that can either make or break your position as an excellent service provider. Take note, the industry is small and every testimony about your services holds your reputation!





   4. Do you respond fast and accommodatingly?

It’s important that clients feel comfortable in communicating with you. Build trust and always be to the rescue when they ask for your help. Lastly, honor your words!


    5. Are you willing to go the extra mile for your clients?

Weddings are the most personal and most intimate occasion there would be in a person’s lifetime. More than being a supplier, the bride entrusts suppliers in making this special event a success. Having this honor then, suppliers are friends and not business partners. Friends go the extra mile, don’t they?



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