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BRIDE ASKS: If I Can Do It, Then Why Should I Hire Someone Else to Coordinate My Wedding?


It’s surprising how the craft of event-planning is often overlooked, to the point that brides do not hire one at all. However, in all honesty, one of the biggest things brides say they wished they had done was to hire a wedding coordinator. These people have gone through a lot of challenges that could have been spared should they sought the professional help. If you are still thinking whether you should get one for yourself or not, here are five big reasons that will change your mind.



1. There is not much time left to experiment.

There is no room for trials and errors on your wedding day. This event only happens once in a person’s lifetime, and it should be as flawless as possible. If you think cutting costs will save you the hassle, think again. Being able to do the job doesn’t always translate with delivering the right results.


2. You don’t have the right network.

Wedding planners know the in’s and out’s of the industry. They know who to trust, how to negotiate and where to spend their efforts on. They’ve been working with the same pool of people over the years, and the experience of the wedding coordinator is a guarantee of the supplier’s excellence.



3. You (and your relatives) have your own job to do.

While family and friends usually offer to help the bride, their efforts show no expertise in coordinating an event. Often times we choose practicality over convenience but in this case, you’d rather make life easy for you and your friends by leaving the job to the professionals. You have your own work to think about, too.



4. The burden shouldn’t be yours to carry.

Preparing for the season marriage is highly emotional, especially for the bride and the groom. Aside from feeling a separation anxiety from the immediate family, you would also feel the worries of finding the right house, paying the bills, and making the marriage a success. Preparing the wedding ceremony should be the least of your concerns. Find a helper to ease you from the burden! Coordinators make great companions. They will guide you through the processes and make sure that you stay calm along the way.



5. It’s your moment!

The best gift you can give yourself on this day is hiring a wedding planner. Just focus on walking the aisle gracefully and look beautiful for your husband-to-be!

Putting together a wedding is no child’s play — it takes a huge amount of serious work! If the budget does not allow you to hire a full-service planner, you can chop down costs by hiring an on-the-day coordinator!

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