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Top 8 Wedding Food Stations



Top 8 Wedding Food Stations

These days, drafting a wedding menu for your special day is more than just listing options for guests to check off on their RSVP card. Couples tend to personalize their wedding menu and many weddings are bringing unique dining experience to their guests.

Wedding food stations are super easy to put together because you or any of your trusted bridal party can prepare them in advance. Food Stations are also an alternative to expensive catering fees.



  1. Pastries & Cupcakes Station

Pastries & Cupcakes – two little words that bring people instant joy, happiness, and nostalgic memories. In addition to your decorated wedding cake, you can also consider either getting cupcakes or having a varied desserts table on your wedding reception. Guests eat more pastries if you have multiple options and enticing set-ups.



  1. Donuts Wall

Creating a delectable donuts  wall for your wedding doesn’t have to be a difficult task. You can mix and match different sizes, flavours and shapes of your donuts, or let your guests get creative with delicious glazes or fun sprinkles.  Surely your donuts wall is the star of your special day.



  1. Pizza Bar

No matter what your wedding theme, pizza can make a great wedding reception’s food choice. Brides and grooms are increasingly incorporating pizza into their wedding day, and it has become a growing trend lately. There are super easy and fun ways to serve pizza at your wedding reception, like full Italian spread with pastas, pizza with salad on the side and a protein option such as chicken or pork. You have a wide selection to infuse a variety of pizza options into your wedding’s food menu.


  1. Tacos  & Nachos Stations

While classic menus may not be what everyone is craving, wedding taco & nacho can offer hundreds of toppings and styles. Surround an overflowing basket of tortilla chips with toppings like salsa, guacamole, corn, beans, and nacho cheese. Depending on your wedding theme, you can get creative with the kind of toppings you put, as well as using different serving techniques and station designs.



  1. Sushi Stations

Ever thought about having a sushi or Asian food station at your wedding function? Delight your guests with a fresh sushi station! Nowadays sushi is a trend  in Wedding scene, but for many years this has been a tradition.



  1. Hot Chocolate Station

Another fun choice that’ll excite your guests of all ages is a Hot Chocolate station. Make your dessert hour even sweeter with a hot cocoa bar, a perfect for your chocolaty treat.



  1. Ice Cream Station

Ice cream station at your wedding is a unique dessert options that have been all the rage recently. One wedding option is a build-your-own setup where guests can create their own ice cream treats. Guests could choose between additions such as brownie bites, cheesecake bites, or go with traditional ice creams.



  1. Pop corn Station

Impress your guest with a Pop-corn Bar! Whether you prefer sweet or savory, a “make your own flavored” sprinkled with grated cheese, cinnamon sugar, garlic, chocolate, buffalo wing will make it even more delectable.



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