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Recommended Partner: David Garmsen Photo & Video


For some, their most important photographs are their wedding photos. Your wedding ceremony is a momentous occasion of your life, and you’ll want to remember it for a lifetime. 


Wedding photos capture the couples at a moment in time when they both look glowing, happy and amazing. These photos captures the mood of the bride and groom during their special day. 




True enough that the wedding photos are time capsules. These pictures will be looked back on for years to come not just by the couple, but to those who shared the special day with them. 



 David Garmsen Photo and Video

Our vision is a blend of elegant art and timeless photojournalism, both of which aim to capture your moments in their truest form. We stand with you and bear witness to your life’s greatest milestones and immortalize them in the form of visual art, yours to keep —for generations to come.” – David

David’s expertise of producing promotional videos, branding, same-day edits and highlight reels of various products and services is truly outstanding.  


“Let us be part of your celebrations, your life, and all the wonderful things that deserve to be relived in the form of photographs and film” – he added



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