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On a Budget? Here Are 8 Ideas to Save Money on Your Wedding

Your wedding day is the perfect event to tell everyone of how beautiful your love story is. However, as exciting as it should be, weddings could get devastating if not handled properly. One of the most stressful parts of the planning is budgeting. Gladly there are ways to minimize your spending without diminishing the experience for you and your guests.


1. Select an off-season date for your wedding.
While weddings are mostly held on Saturdays and Sundays, weekdays are becoming more and more enticing for brides and wedding suppliers alike. If possible, avoid booking the event on weekends as everything tends to get more expensive.


2. Hold the ceremony and the reception in one venue.
More than just being practical, holding the event in one area also saves the guests’ energy and travel time. The venue does not only offer comfort, it also makes the event more intimate especially when it’s a garden wedding or a wedding held in family home’s backyard.


3. Cut your guest list.
Reduce the cost in venue capacity, catering, table set-up, invitations, and favors when you narrow down the number of your guests. It also makes your event more personal, having just a few people come over.


4. Give new wedding suppliers a chance.
Newcomers in the industry don’t always equate to inexperienced service! Get a professional opinion from your wedding coordinator or have a keen eye for details when scouting for these undiscovered gems!



5. Pick flowers in season.
Save up when you purchase flowers that are in season and readily available rather than ones that need to be imported from elsewhere.


6. Make your cake the favors.
Just put those cupcakes in a box and voila! You have your instant wedding favors! You are also certain that guests will find your giveaways useful!

7. Email your save-the-dates and create an online page invite.

Select the important few, including the principal sponsors and the VIPs, who’ll receive the printed invitations. Meanwhile, you may simply tag your closest friends and other beloved guests on an online event page or send them an e-invite to your special day! It also gets more convenient for them as well.



8. Ask for cash gifts instead.
Do not shy away from asking your guests to give you money instead of having them get you something you’re not even sure you need. Although it may seem a bit of a taboo at first, just state your reason as to why you prefer such. Whether it’s a downpayment on a new home, a plan to migrate abroad or a dreamy honeymoon trip, your guests would be happy to help!



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