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Wedding Photography 101

If you’re new to the industry and you’re trying to be successful with your photography, you may want to consider these  wedding photography styles. As these will help you discover your own style along the way. 



The Lifestyle Wedding Photography

This wedding photography style is about taking photos that are not posed. Lifestyle photography is similar to Photo-Journalism. It’s candid, but still with some direction and styling. 

Aerial or Drone Wedding Photography

Aerial or drone wedding photography is the most popular but  expensive wedding photography style. Such shots are great for showing weddings venues and couples in a remote area against beautiful landscapes using a drone to capture the whole scene from above to create a dramatic feel.


Illustrative or Artistic Wedding Photography

Typically includes natural lighting, creative framing, composition, and difficult photo manipulation techniques. Photographers always take unique photos and have a certain vision of light and color, creating an artistic atmospheric photo. 



Photo-Journalistic Approach Wedding Photography

Commonly used by beginners, and a  mixed of  traditional wedding photography.  It resembles like a documentary shoot in which the photographer takes in an informal way. Characterized by the special  approach and the advanced skills of focusing, camera settings, cropping, and shooting when there are lots of important moments. 

The Old Style or Traditional Wedding Photography

Oldest wedding photography styles available today. The traditional wedding photography way is a widely used style for decades and similar to some other photography styles in wedding, the couples poses beautifully in the frame.

The Themed Wedding Photography

Themed wedding photography style is the photo-shoot in the style of Hollywood movies and themed type photography. All are planned  poses, make-ups, couples buy necessary wedding photography props, do professional & stylized color correction, and apply creative photo manipulations to make photos as close to the theme of the wedding as possible.


Fashionable Wedding Photography

Fashion wedding photography is a genre that focuses on displaying clothes and other fashion items for commercial purposes. This photography style is popular in large cities and metros.

Portrait Wedding Photography

Wedding portraits certainly enable you to create some of the most beautiful images. But this style fully means the posing. The photographer will correctly arrange the newlyweds, guests or family, who are usually directed and posing in the front of the camera. 



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