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Church or Garden Wedding?

It is totally understandable why a couple would want to get married on the beach, or in a garden, or simply inside the church. Although this has been a debate asked from generation to generation, the answer will basically base on your officiating church. Some religions allow compromises while some are strict in complying with their organizational rules.

Should you have the liberty to hold your wedding in either of the venues, here are the pros and cons to help you get a favorable decision.



Church Wedding

PROS: For the conventional setting, the church infrastructure is the best place to conduct the sacred ceremony.  Aside from the fact that the framework is already in place (weather is no issue!), the church also has the seating arranged (no more chair rentals!), the altar set up, the musical instruments and sound system ready (lesser preps for technicals). At other times, even the parking space is sufficient.

Primarily, the cost is relatively low since the only dressing up that the venue would need is the floral arrangements and other decorative elements.

CONS: There is not much freedom in moving the major components of the church and transforming the place, removing and adding details to it so the venue may fit the theme and the vision. Furthermore, there might also be problems in flash photography and music selection, depending on the regulations of the church’s management. Lastly, reserving the church is a major concern! In most cases, the wedding date would entirely be determined by the availability of your desired parish.



Non-Church Wedding

PROS: The whole area is your canvass, It is up to the bride and the groom on how they would dress up the place – from floor to ceiling. The couple also has more power in sticking to a specific date since they have a wide array of wedding venue alternatives to choose from.

CONS: The weather is the very first thing that most outdoor weddings are concerned with. There is no assurance of a favorable weather on the wedding day, making all efforts prone to damages. Also, couples must anticipate higher costs in pulling off an outdoor wedding, having all resources brought together in one place.

Whether it’s a Church wedding or an outdoor wedding, it’s always smart to ask help from your coordinator!


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